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URQ RHD clutch agony

Phil relates a long, woeful takes-eight-hours story of just how much of a
major PITA is involved in changing the clutch master in an RHD URQ, and
presumably others. I have no reason to doubt him - it would probably take
me 16 hours!

Would it be possible to remotely mount the clutch master cylinder someplace
more accessable on the engine side of the firewall, and work it using a
short *gasp!* CABLE from the clutch pedal?

You'd want a reasonably substantial cable - something along the lines of a
Harley Davidson clutch cable comes to mind, available in bulk 100 ft rolls
from Barnett Tool and Engineering, inner and outer, various fittings also .
. .

A small rocking lever (the cable pulls - the clutch pushrod pushes) to
reverse the motion, small bolt-on bracket to hold the cylinder and lever -
not rocket science or cellular science either.

That way, clutch master cyl problems are resolved in ten minutes standing
up. Cable problems only mean unhooking the clevis from the clutch pedal,
withdrawing the old cable, threading in the new, replace clevis - 10 minutes?

It doesn't seem that much in the way of parts or technology would be needed
to make this work - any thoughts on the subject????????

Best Regards,

Mike Arman