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slave cylinder bleeding

This past weekend I encountered a most disturbing thing: driving down
Jericho tpke (traffic lights) to a place about 7 miles away, I lose my
brakes. All except for one. It braked just as well on that one as an
American on all fours. Anyhow, the car had a brand new master cylinder on
it. I checked the res and the water was literally floating on top as
droplets. I think the water boiled out, left air. Anyhow, I try bleeding
the brakes, nothing. I figured the new master was shot. Used the on off my
old car. Everything went the way it should until the slave cylinder. I
never knew that it needed pressure bleeding, not pump pedal bleeding.
Needless to say, I did it like that and screwed up. Anyhow, I remember a
post from a lister a while ago about hooking up a line from the left front
caliper to the cylinder and pumping the brake pedal. Worked great. Just
wanted to know if this was a makeshift bleeding or a good improv?

The list got me out of a jam once again! Thanks!

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