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Re: uh-oh...pin-drop

It's the 'axle' for one of the pedals, probably the clutch.  The groove is
for a retaining clip, which should also find in there somewhere, then again
maybe not (that's why the pin fell out - no clip)...  Yes, they are related
and yes, whoever replaced the pedal is an idiot.

At 06:04 PM 9/14/1998 ,  Osman Parvez was inspired to say:
>  Hi folks,
>     I was getting out of my car today and noticed something on the
>  near the pedals. I pick it up..it's a pin. No, not a needle but a pin
with a
>  diameter slightly smaller than a dime! One end has a groove, the other end
>  is thick to prevent it from slipping out.
>  Since my pedals appear to operating normally, I can't figure out where this
>  pin came from without taking apart the entire underside of the dash.
>  I'd been hearing a "pop" kind of noise when I release the clutch, ever
>  I had the new pedal installed. Then suddenly...it was gone (The noise). And
>  now this pin appears from nowhere. Could the two incidents be related?
>  ARGH! I'm supposed to drive to DC on Thursday! I also don't have any
time to
>  work on the car from now till then. The pedals appear to be functioning
>  normally though.
>  Any ideas guys before I give in and see a my friends at the shop?

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