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Re: Frequency Valve

The ECU uses it to adjust the fuel/air mixture, receiving feedback from
the OXS ("lambda sensor")

should be buzzing... the duty cycle can be measured at the loose two pin
wire by the air boot - 

Wait!  You've got the super spiffy "newer" CIS.  Not like my old jalopy
(the 84 and 84 I just got, total beaters, one hasn;t run in 8 months,
both start like new cars!)

Guess I don't know how the freq valve works on that car... guess I'd
like to!  Might be similar in end result, just a fancier ECU with better
curves and computer controlled warm up (instead of Rube Goldberg

Jeremiah Curry wrote:
> Fellow Q-Listers,
> I need to know what the frequency valve on my '84 Coupe GT does.  Mine is
> not running.  How big of a problem is this?  I believe that I may be missing
> a relay.  Could this stop the Frequency valve from operating?
> Also I would like to thank the person who sent me the articles I was looking
> for, (I lost your e-mail so I can't respond directly)
> Thanks in advance for any help
> Jeremiah Curry

Huw Powell


the steering wheel isn't connected to anything, it's just a place to
rest your hands