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Re: turbo?

On Fri, 11 Sep 1998 15:39:43 EDT Cyclepimp@aol.com writes:
>someone has offered me a FREE 5000 turbo engine..... or just the 
>turbo... it
>seems to be in good shape... he just doesn't have a car to put it 
>in..... he
>also has a TDI  engine from a 95 golf<for a large, but reasonable 
>sum>... my
>question is could i put these engines in my 86 coupe GT with out 
>having to
>tear the thing apart?

I'm afraid that, unless you want to put them in the back cargo area, you
have to tear the thing apart.  At least you'll have to remove the old
engine.  Then you're going to need to pick which one because both
of them won't fit in the engine bay.  Although the 5 cyl came in that
chassis, you will have to get some additional parts.  I don't know
about the TDI but, chances are, you could make it work with a finite
amount of energy and ingenuity.
:-)  :-)  :-)

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>columbia, SC
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