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It Lives!!!

    My '91 200q is finally back on the road! The daily commute is once again
a joy, rather than a plod.
    I took one weekend to do the T-belt & related items, the next weekend to
do the heater blower & core, and last weekend for final re-assembly and
touch-up. The weeks in between for for healing (me, not the car!). Finally
acquiring a back-up vehicle ('93 Chev Beauville van - factotum & tow truck)
made the job leisurely and enjoyable, but man, did I miss the Audi!
    Many thanks to the qlisters who posted BTDT's on the T-belt job. The job
went smoothly, just like it was the second time around - which indeed it
seemed after reading all the posts! Thanks to Adam for the allen key crank &
cam lock idea, and thanks to Phil for posting the direct torque on the
balancer bolt. The info from the list is incredibly valuable - it definitely
prevents the faux-pas which can happen the first time a job is done
 installing the idler pulley using the fixing bolt comes to mind here!).
Thanks, Dan, for a fine job on this list - a simple, easy to use format with
excellent information transfer. It may not be glitzy, but I don't need glitz
when I'm up to my elbows in I5 components - I need accurate info and this
list is the place to get it!
    The car started first crack, no drips, leaks, or untoward noises - just
the sound of a fine I5 ticking over at idle. Music for the soul!
    The new thermostat even holds the engine temp at 87.5 C - the old one
must have been tired; it ran at 75 C. The oil temp is even a little higher -
should help to drive off moisture in the winter.
    The eurolights arrive this week, so I know what I'll be doing this
weekend. As one of the local Audi mechanics said on my last trip to the
parts counter "Wow, Christmas came early for your car!" ( he drives a '86
5ktq - ya gotta love it when the mechanic drives what he fixes!).
    Thanks again to all!

Fred Munro
'91 200q  257k km (and counting)