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What a horrible day in the life of Audis in Boston....

3am with nothing to do except drive around in my 4kq, around town, in
Boston the other night.  We pull up to this stop light, right next to FAO
Schwartz, and who pulls up next to us, but a gorgeous 1998 Dodge Viper R10,
nice blue with the sport styling and flares....
Toyota Tercel pulls up next to the Viper and offers to race (!!) and the
Viper-Guy nods as the light turns green.  

Viper screams across the intersection, completely blowing the Tercel away.....

Meanwhile, an Audi A4, beautiful aftermarket white, streaks across my
vision from the right and runs the red, right in front of the oncoming


Viper stops dead, engine on fire, pieces EVERYWHERE.....

Audi jumps the curb, slams into a trash bin, KEEPS GOING.....squealing
He had to stop 2 blocks down because his wheel fell off, but I've never
seen such a collision with nearly no effect on the "hit" car....

Guy in the Tercel jumps out of his car and (embarassing to be a Bostonian)
said "HA HA, Mommy bought you your car!!!"...and jumps back into his car,
tearing away.

I pulled the survivors out of the Viper, checked them for cuts and all, and
then proceeded down to the Audi....the car was in near-perfect condition,
barring the dented left quarter and missing wheel (spotless rotors though)....

All in all, I think Audi did pretty well....and while the Viper people
weren't looking, my friend scooped a few headlights from the street....I'm
thinking about new Viper fogs for my 87 4kq....What do you think?