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Re: TLA Lexicon - Updates

Week 3 and still going.  As usual, keep the additions & corrections coming.

LED: Light Emitting Diode.  In most Audis, these are known as friodes.
They become SEDs: Smoke Emitting Diodes on their way to becoming DEDs: Dead
Emitting Diodes.  We also seem to possess a large number of LERs: Light
Emitting Resistors...
DMV: Department of Motor Vehicles.  California (and probably others) agency
that bends you over the counter for the privilege of owning and driving a
motor vehicle.
VE: Volumetirc Efficiancy
PW: Power Windows
PS: Power Sterring
P(D)L: Power (Door) Locks
CC: Cruise Control
R&R: Remove & Replace
OBD: On-Board Diagnostics
EDL/EDS: Electronic Differential Lock. EDS is German abbreviation for the
Triple Square: A driver design that is a 12 pointed star, with 90 ends.
Imagine 3 squares with a 120 degrees rotation in relation to each other
--or-- a 12 pointed Allen wrench
T10: A common size designation for a TORX driver.  Other common sizes are
5, 20, 30, 45.
QCUSA: USA Quattro Club
HVAC: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Team Doorhandle: Perjorative term for Audi engineer(s) who designed the
oh-so-reliable door handles on Type 44s
MAP: Manifold A???????? Pressure
MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet
ID: Inner Diameter
OD: Outer Diameter
BRG: British Racing Green (the color)
WFO: Wide Flocking Open, as in throttle.
ABS: Anti-lock Braking System
TSB: Technical Service Bulliten
FWD: Front Wheel Drive, NOT "Four WD"
RWD: Rear Wheel Drive
AWD: All Wheel Drive
R&T: Road & Track magazine
C&D: Car & Driver magazine
RHD: Right Hand Drive (driver position)
LHD: Left Hand Drive (driver position)
NAC: No Audi Content.  Alternately, ZAC: Zero Audi Content
Dan: Dan Simoes, der ListeMeister
RDH: Robert Houk
SJM: Scott Mockry
ECU: Electronic Control Unit
BDC: Bottom Dead Center
WMB: Sly, "in" reference to BMWs
TDI: Turbo Diesel Injected (Injector?)
DOT3: Brake Fluid Grade - Min dry boiling pt =205degC or 401degF.  Min wet
boiling pt = 140degC or 284degF. aliphatic polyether-based, can be mixed
with DOT4, characteristics will be (linearly) in between DOT3/DOt4
parameters. Cheap, most widely used, eats paint, absorbs water easily, eats
natural rubber seals.  
DOT4: Brake Fluid Grade - Min dry boiling pt=230degC or 446degreesF.  Min
wet boiling pt = 155degC or 311degreesF.  borate ester based, can be mixed
with DOT3, characteristics will be (linearly) in between DOT3/DOt4
parameters 50% more expensive than DOT3, eats paint,  significantly
increased resistance to moisture absorption compared to DOT3 (but still
absorbs water), does not eat natural rubber seals.  
DOT5: Brake Fluid Grade - Min dry boiling pt=260degC or 500degF.  Min wet
boiling pt = 180degC or 356degF. Cannot mix with other fluids as it
contains silicone; turns to jelly, colored purple. Used mostly for antique
cars and some motorcycles because it does not damage paint and does not
absorb water.  Is more compressible than DOT3/4 though.  Twice as expensive
as DOT4 (and thus 3 times as expensive as DOT3) and has limited
DOT5.1: Brake Fluid Grade - Min dry boiling pt=260degC or 500degF.  Min wet
boiling pt = 180degC or 356degF. It's a stupid name as it's glycol-based
(borate ester) like DOPT3/4 and has NO silicone.  Absorbs water, eats
paint, more expensive than DOT4, difficult to locate.
ET: Code for offset on wheels.  Example: ....ET 45, meaning 45 mm offset.
MoS2: Molybdenun Disulfide, high-pressure lubricant.
SC: Slave Cylinder
NA: North American
OXS: Oxygen Sensor
SOHC: Single Over Head Camshaft
DOHC: Dual  Over Head Camshaft

PO'd: Pissed Off
POS: Piece of Shtuff
02 (Zero-2): My 2 cents worth
MH02 (Zero-2): My Humble 2 cents worth
IIRC: If I Recall Correctly
ISO: In Search Of
WRT: With Regards To
IME: In My Experience
BCNU: Be Seeing You
AFAIK: As Far As I Know
IIRC: If I Remember Correctly
OTOH: On The Other Hand
ROTFL(MAO): Rolling On The Floor Laughing (My A$$ Off)
RTFM: Read The Fine Manual!  Brits might also say RTBM: Read The Bloody
TOS: Terms Of Service
TIA: Thanks In Advance
L8R: Later
IUD: Insert Usual Disclaimers
UDA: Usual Disclaimers Apply
POS: Piece of Shtuff
BFE: Bum-Flock Egypt.  Denotes a place very, very far away.
BFI: Brute Force & Ignorance or Bunch of Flocking Idiots
YABA: Yet Another Bloody Acronym
CYA: Cover Your Assets
FOAF: Friend Of A Friend
KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid!
RSN: Real Soon Now
WOMBAT: Waste of Money, Brains and Time
B4N: Bye For Now
OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer.  Also, simply OE.

	88 90Q - <insert pithy witticism here>
	88 Golf GTi - PRO Rally