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A Great Weekend (some Audi content)

Had an outstanding weekend.

My wife surprised me for our anniversary by sending me to Skip Barber 
Driving School at Lime Rock.  She felt I should go since I have started 
turning the 4kq into a rally car.  Spent a good amount of time with Jason 
Holehouse, an instructor there, on the skidpad (granted it was in a Egdod 
truck or the Egdod Neon but beggars can't be choosers) learning the 
pendulum turn (he calls it the Scandinavian flick).  Did the emergency 
brake changes and threshold braking, heel-toe shifting, power sliding the 
first day.  Second day in the morning most of the same but also the tennis 
ball slalom developed by Jackie Stewart (great drill I'm gonna practice in 
the Sanders parking lot in Nashua). But the afternoon was the climax.  Ran 
the autocross first in the Neon (not a bad car for a Egdod I can see why 
some people race it) (A little boasting got the fastest time in it - also 
the best spin outs and track offs) THEN got to take the Viper on the course 
(Ok I can see the attraction of the car!)  (Fastest time on that one also). 
One fellow student (50 year old or so surgeon from NJ) took his 5 month old 
Boxster on the course and really pushed. He almost spun twice  - I was 
impressed I expected him to back off but he didn't.  Had a great time  - 
I'm sending the wife next month. Highly recommend it.

Mandatory Audi content:

Met and saw Chris and Greg Palumbo (sorry if a spelled it wrong guys) and 
there gorgeous twin CQT.  They were there for the PDA track event.  They 
really pushed those cars hard  - they way an Audi should be.

A great weekend.  Next Q track event in NE I'm there - if even to spectate.

Boxster (Want one bad!!)
Viper (nice but I'd take a German sports car first)
94 100S wagon (drove nice back and forth)
92 Rodeo (wife made some dump runs)
86 4kq  - wait until next year!!