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Re: sunroof lube ?

In a message dated 9/14/98 "scott miller" <macatawa@hotmail.com> writes:

<< What's best to lube sunroofs?  Silicon doesn't seem to last. >>

I have had excellent results lubing the rails with a bicycle dry chain
lubricant called White Lightning. 

Bentley calls out "mineral oil" (read Pentosin Green Gold) but I have a
feeling that is for the cables more than the rails. The cables (when not worn
out) have a furry material between the spirals (gear) to retain lubricant.
This is where the mineral oil goes. On my cables this furry stuff is gone and
I have new ones in hand (thanks to Rod at IPC for a great price!) but have not
rebuilt mine yet. I will post my experience of rebuilding the thing if there
is interest.

The rails must be cleaned with a solvent soaked rag top and bottom. Next apply
the dry lubricant of choice. Silicon doesn't last IME either. White Lightning
seems to last the longest of any products I have tried thus far.

<< Boeshield T9 seems a good choice. >>

Boeshield T9 is an excellent product and I use it on my sailboat. It does
leave a fairly thick waxy and sticky film--NOT what you desire on your sunroof

I have yet to try it but a company called Miller-Stephenson Chemical Company,
inc. makes various products for industrial applications that are of interest
to me. One is a PTFE Dry Lubricant. The stuff is apparently outragously
expensive but you can get a "trial sample" supposedly for 5 bucks a can. If
interested their # is: (800) 992-2424. I can think of many areas where dry
teflon would be a great lubricant including sunroof rails. HTH

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (about to undergo sunroof surgery for loosing mechanical alignment)