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Re: drive train noise

I have the same noise......I can reproduce it with the car
in neutral, by applying throttle from under the hood.....I thought it
was the camshaft bearings, but never bothered with it because I
figured I would wait until it affected performance.......

1991 90Q20V 115K

Dan Simoes wrote:

> >    This line of questioning about drive train noise leads me
> > to share that my '91 90q20v sedan has a "noise" that appears
> > in between shifts, with the clutch in. Say I've taken off in
> > 1st gear and run hard up to 5k, put in the clutch shift to
> > 2nd and while the clutch is in it makes a sound like a dry
> > bearing spinning down.
> That's the noise.  Like a "kuhhhrruht" sound.
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