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Ersatz S2: IT'S ALIVE

If you've been following my progress reports, (20V list) you know that I've
been discouraged recently at the slow progress in finishing up the
electronics.  Cory and George have been baffled over the ECU's refusal to
authorize a spark, despite multiple re-evaluations of the hybrid harness.
Then yesterday, someone posted (on the QList) information on the Baum Tools
site, with their VDS-Pro Diagnostic software.  http://www.baumtools.com/  I
faxed the info to George, who bought it and had it overnighted.  They spent
some time installing it, and testing it on George's '91 200 avant, and then
hooked up the Ersatz S2.  The software pinpointed two minor crossed
circuits. They corrected the connectors, got the OK from the computer, and
the car fired right up!    Total time:  < 1 hour, less than 24 hours after
seeing the post.

There will no doubt be a list of trouble shooting items ahead of us, and
there is still the matter of reassembling the dash and interior, but this
is, to say the least, a significant milestone.

Thanks to whomever it was who made the timely Baum post, and, as usual to
the list as a whole.

Brandon Hull
'91 Ersatz S2 at idle, at least.