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Re: Hawk Brake Pads

Todd Phenneger wrote:
> The place I called, "Pegasus" said they had a Hawk pad called the HP Plus.
> Is this the same as the HP Street that you run Gary?

No, the HP Plus is quite a bit harder on the rotors than the HPS that I
was referring to.  It was the HP+ pads that I had to have the second set
of rotors for that you mentioned below.

The HP+ pads work very well when you get them hot, but at cooler
temperatures they act just like a lathe on the rotors.  The HPS compound
is pretty friendly to rotors and the dust isn't bad to clean off.

I buy the Hawk pads locally from Race Central in Portland, OR.  They've
got an 800# you can call at 800.876.5945; ask for Jason Schrieber and
tell him that I referred you.  (No, I don't get any kickbacks from him. 
<grin>)  The HPS pads for a 4kq run ~$55 (based on their last catalog)
and it jumps up to ~$75 for the HP+ pads.

If you are running the Wilwood caliper setup, they're even cheaper at
$36 and $49.50 for the HPS and HP+, respectively.  (Yes, I do have the
Wilwoods and will post a full report in the future.)

> Also, how has this pad compared to other pads you have tried.

The HPS is the best (reasonably priced) compromise pad that I've found. 
They don't need warm-up time to start working like the MetalMasters do,
and they don't fade (on the street) like the stock organic pads can.

I've never been willing to drop the cash for the fabled Pagids, but in
my mind, they'd have to be a _lot_ better for the difference in price.

> than Metal Masters but I dont want to destroy my rotors in the process.  I
> know you have a separate set of rotors and pads for the track but I dont.

A lot of that was because the HP+ pads do chew up the rotor some under
normal usage and I didn't want to subject my daily pads to the cheese
grater effect after swapping them around.  Stock size rotors for the
4kq/GT's are cheap and it doesn't take much longer to swap the rotor
with the pads.

> How abrasive are they on the rotors and how do they compare to other pads
> both in cold weather on the street and at PIR.

I don't have any problems in the cold or the rain.  Depending on how
aggressive you are on the track, you might reach a point where you need
more pad than the HPS can provide, but for it's intended market (High
Performance Street use) I think it's a very good pad.



'85 turbo Coupe GT
'84 4kq (aka RattleTrap)