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Re: memories

> He forgot to mention that he bullied a third lister who 
> was interested in the car. Harassing phone calls with 
> threats of q-list expulsion apparently caused the third 
> lister to back off.

Bullied?  Ha!  I had a verbal deal and the seller
wrongly decided I "wasn't serious".   I never threatened
anyone with "expulsion".  What am I, the pope?

> After buying the car at a _very_ reasonable "q-list 
> price," he has now turned around and begun quietly 
> trying to sell it to other listers for over %30 more. 

Oh please.  I joked to Christian that he could have his
car back for 12k and told someone else that I would only
consider moving to an S4 if I could get that amount for
my car.  Considering what I've done to it, it's a fair

> Just thought you ought to know. Don't take my word for 
> it, do your own research.

Care to identify yourself, Mr. Observer?  If not, then buzz off.

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