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RE: GREAT weekend!

> Think the Q-club would like such a tour the weekend before the
> Historics?  I'm *always* looking for an excuse -- as I said, I like this
> tour so much I turned around the next day and did it again!
... that is something that I believe a whole bunch of folks would be up for
... and I don't think we need to wait until next August!  There are some
nice roads down near Laguna Seca as well ... Carmel Valley Road immediately
comes to mind ...

We sometimes go out on "dinner rides" on our motorcycles, where we take off
after work and ride somewhere fun for dinner.  One time we rode up to Big
Basin and had dinner at some country club near the outskirts of Boulder
Creek.  Another time we ended up in Half Moon Bay and ate at one of the
restaurants at Pillar Point Harbor.  Yet again we took the twisty roads
south and west of San Jose toward Watsonville and ate at a little Mexican
Restaurant in Corralitos (or somewhere nearby).  Another idea would be to
take the roads around Mount Diablo ... one time we took Morgan Territory
Road (probably a bit much for cars) and ended up finding something like "Hot
August Nights" going on in Clayton.  We have so many different areas nearby
where there are nice roads ... the hills in the east bay and Marin county
come to mind.  Many of these same roads are clogged with "bagos" or
teenagers on their superbikes during the weekends ... so it is nice to do it
on weekdays ...

I think I'll repost this to the list to see what sort of response it evokes
from people who live in the SF Bay Area ...

Thanks for the thoughts Scott!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)