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Re: uh-oh...pin-drop

In message <001501bde02b$9ef4c9a0$7abed2cc@default.nycap.rr.com> "Osman Parvez" writes:

>    I was getting out of my car today and noticed something on the floorboard
> near the pedals. I pick it up..it's a pin. No, not a needle but a pin with a
> diameter slightly smaller than a dime! One end has a groove, the other end
> is thick to prevent it from slipping out.

> Since my pedals appear to operating normally, I can't figure out where this
> pin came from without taking apart the entire underside of the dash.

Don't drive the car until you've solved this little mystery.

What you're looking at is a clevis pin.  They're used in several places
to make the pivoting joints on the end of clutch and brake master
cylinders, and pervasively in the pushrod system that operates brakes
on RHD cars.  It is _just_ possible that the crank has dropped into the
clevis fork to continue to operate it - it is also possible for it to
drop out at any time.

The usual reason for clevis pins dropping out is a failure to renew the
retaining clip, a 10c item.  Audi clevis pins are usually held in with a
clip that bends back on itself to go over the pin and clip up against
the far side as an extra safety measure.  IME (and I've tried) it's next
to impossible to get these things off in a reusable state.  I now keep a
fair stock and take them off 100% destructively with side cutters.

My instant supposition is that the mechanic discovered this
characteristic and tried to bend the thing back into shape.  He was
unsuccessful, and it dropped off, leaving the clevis pin unsecured.

However - when I asked Autohaus Wellingborough for a 'kit' to replace
my brake servo, they included not only a clip but a new clevis pin.
It's possible it's just the old one rolling about.  But - personally -
I'd like to be sure.

 Phil Payne
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