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RE: Advice on replacing stereo in 200TQAv

Glove compartment…

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>  Has anyone found a particularly good place to
> mount a remote CD changer?
> 	Nope.
... well ... I mounted one to the underside of that folding, carpeted
pressed wood floor section that covers the spare tire.  There is plenty of
room to mount the changer up in the corner on the driver's side, where the
floor doesn't fold.  I figure that having the changer mounted on that wooden
carpeted piece would help shield it from shock as well ... and I pack the
area with old blankets to make it look like there's nothing of value there.
It was a fairly simple matter to run the cable under the carpet along the
propshaft tunnel up to the head unit.  Highly recommended IMHO.

Carl D decided to mount his changer in the bin behind the driver's side rear
wheel on his '91 200qa

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)