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Re: TT

I talked to my audi guy at Prestige Imports here in Denver. He said that
the TT is coming in the spring, low hp first, followed by high hp a few
months later, followed by quattro in the fall of 99.

I trust him, and he said he drove one of the speedy ones as they were out
here testing for high altitude. He's saving up for one already.

S4 on the way also. No word on S4 avant.

At 2:18 PM -0600 9/15/98, Hines, Kennon wrote:
>Just got the spec sheet from my dealer.  Are you ready for this stroke of
>AoA genius?
>Sorry for shouting, but I can't believe this one.  Guess I'll be ordering
>a '99 A4q...
>Kennon Hines
>'90 CQ
>Atlanta, GA