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city lights setup

A quick question for those who have already upgraded to Euro lamps...

On the dual bulb + city light setup, how are you setting up the city light?

With parking lights?
Always on?
Always on, except when headlamps are on?

I've currently got the stock (read sucky) lamps set up so that the inboard
city lights use a higher wattage *yellow* bulb and are switched with the
ignition. I went with a yellow bulb because with a white bulb, people
thought my high beams were on...

Ideally, I'd set up the city light to go off when the headlamps are
switched on, but this requires setting them up with a relay from Radio
Shack to switch them off when the headlamps are switched on. I don't want
to get too complicated :) and am thinking about simply switching them with
the ignition, as the American spec version is now set up...

I'm also planning on running the 20 watt halogen bulb here...any problems
of heat buildup when both it and the H4 are on? I haven't gotten my lights
yet so I don't know how far apart they are...

Thoughts appreciated....

Lee Levitt
wheelman @ shore.net
webmaster, http://www.wheelman.com - kewl stuff for gearheads :)
1990 Audi 200T, 85K
1995 Range Rover County LWB, 72K
1987 Wicked Fat Chance, 1981 Condor Custom Road Bike