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Re; Great weekend/historics/tour

Hi all, kinda been low profile for a bit, 12 hr days at work, da da, da
da, da da.........
I'm still offering to work a little at setting up a weekend deal at
Monterey for the Historics. Get a place, provide a list of a variety of
things to do related and unrelated to the races. We need to get moving
on this, as rooms DO sell out early. I'm thinking we might be able to
get a whole small motel, maybe one with a pool, and one that's a little
older and a little cheaper. Bring the Wives/SOs, even kids(?). Maybe a
little sightseeing, some spirited driving, wine tasting, a night
together at a great restaurant? We can do this. I'll let this go after
this, don't want to feel like I'm beating a dead horse. I've got 3 rooms
spoken for, anyone want in?