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Re: TT

Whitson wrote:

> Phil Payne wrote:
> >
> > "Hines, Kennon" writes:
> > > NO QUATTRO!!!
> >
> > Looks like Len Hunt's in charge already.  That's what he did to the
> > A4 1.8T in the UK - NO QUATTRO!
> Who is Len Hunt ?

He's the bonehead that has been a thorn in Phil Payne's side for a few
years, he was the head of Audi in the UK, now he is destined to be the
head of Audi of America. Hopefully there will be a few people under him
with the balls to tell him when he screws up and disuade him from making
stupid decisions, as he was known to do in the UK.

At least Phil will be happy, unless Len's replacement is even dummer.

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