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Subject: Paul Waterloo & Misc

Frank Amoroso wrote:
< ...Second point for everyone is that I will not ship anything until I have

<funds in hand. This has not always been my policy, however, since LEVENT CUR 

<stiffed me on a part I sent him months ago, cash is king (I suppose a 

<Standby Letter of Credit would work in Levent's case).

For what it's worth:  I've purchased/sold items to many different list
members,  without getting burned;  people like Levant ruin this for all of us.
I purchased a torque wrench from Frank before, so I would have no problem
sending him the check up front.  I've also dealt COD with others, which is a
pain IMO.
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com