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RE: Need a part and "Sighting"

> > I just noticed the grill thingy on the rear pillar drivers side has
> fallen
> > _off_.  Crap.  Does anybody have one in light grey (I believe the Audi
> calls
> > it (Word Forgotten) Blue.  Looks grey until I put it next to Dad's
> Zermatt
> Ah, that would be Rauchblau (sp?), or Smoke Blue... yes, unless you 
> polish the sh*t out of it, it does indeed look grey. Thought they dumped
> that color before the 1980s...
Brett thought it might be Saphire Blue.  Unfortunately, I can't polish the
paint as the clear coat is rather scratched.  Can I get the color # off the
trunk, and if so, can anyone decipher it?

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