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RE: Improved Seat Belt/Racing Harness - Good Trick...

Cool!  Bondage.  A new way to have fun in your Audi.   ;-)

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> From:	Sargent Schutt [SMTP:sargent@novagate.com]
> Sent:	Wednesday, September 16, 1998 12:45 PM
> To:	JohnC.; Quattro List; 200q20v list
> Subject:	RE: Improved Seat Belt/Racing Harness - Good Trick...
> There is a good trick you can do with your stock seatbelt: 
> 1) Move your seat back a good ways farther 
>    than where you normally drive.
> 2) Slowly tighten the seatbelt as hard as 
>    you can by pulling up on the strap, 
>    cinching yourself in.
> 3) Yank on the belt so as to lock it.
> 4) Move the seat forward until you are in 
>    a comfortable driving position.
> You will now be locked/strapped into your seat quite firmly. I learned
> this
> little trick from a Bondurant instructor a number of years ago, and I do
> this
> any time I want to drive harder than 'normal' (eg twisties, etc). It
> really
> helps connect you to the car, and even with barcoloungers you won't slide
> around. It feels good, and you will be able to drive faster safer. 
> Sarge
> 91 200q TAP, Bil/Eib, Stebro, etc etc etc.
> >From: "John C." <gtr1@traverse.com>
> >Subject: Improved Seat Belt/Racing Harness
> >As previously posted, I am going to my first Quattro event later this
> month
> >at Elkhart Lake.
> >Is there a harness I can get which will use my standard mounting points
> and
> >which is an improvement over the standard belts, or am I wasting time and
> >money?  I saw some reference on the Jetta GLX list to a Scroth 4 which
> >apparently uses the standard mounting points.
> >All input would be appreciated.
> >TIA