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'95 Sport 90 - A/C problems

	Thanks to those of you who gave me advice on my ticking/flapping a/c
upon engagement.  A different mechanic diagnosed it as either:
overcharged, no/inadequate lubricant, failing compressor.  The charging
pressure turned out to be o.k., so he added some lubricant.  As many of
you predicted, the problem was inadequate lubricant in the refrigerant. 
The noise was noticeably less & after two or three engagements it
disappeared completely.  Thanks to all.
	New problem, ticking/flapping inside center vent; only left-most center
vent discharges air conditioned air; the remaining vents seem to be
discharging outside, un-conditioned air.  How do I get vent louvers off
to inspect inside for jammed, cracked, etc. vent door?
	All suggestions appreciated.