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Re: 88 MB ur-q questions

Lino (thanks for lunch last Friday!),
I believe Rick transplanted the whole MC wiring loom in to your car. Therefor you have the MC frequency valve for the FI and the wastegate frequency valve. I'm pretty sure I saw and heard the FI frequency valve buzzing when I looked at the enigine.

I would recommend you connect one of Scott Mockry's LED test circuits across the wastegate frequency valve and make sure your full throttle enrichment is working properly. At WOT you should see the LED switching on and off, if it doesn't - run the MAC11 diagnostics, this will test for fault codes and make sure the outputs are all working properly (email me if you want the details for running the diagnostics).

HTH, regards, Mike

p.s. I think the WOT switch on your '86 tqw has gone south from your explanation of the low boost.

p.p.s. Next time I'll buy lunch!