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RE: Disable rear diff lock auto disengage?

> so, in summary,  so the *only* benefit (other than low speed traction)
> is to compensate for lifting the inside *rear* wheel at speed.  if
> you're encountering this, then i would respectively suggest, you'll have
> a range of other issues to address as well ;-)
... hey, my old 1978 Audi Fox would lift the inside rear wheel in hard
cornering ... IME that was the only time you had the possibility of getting
the car into an oversteer situation.  :-)  Gotta love a stiff chassis!  I
hear that other VW models did the same thing.

I am fairly certain that the reason that the later model cars had the diff
lock auto-disable above a certain speed was so that it would allow the ABS
to be reactivated.  The rear diff lock was only intended to be used to
assist in situations where one of the rear wheels had no traction ... gone
are the days of the QTC ... where the owner's manual clearly states that use
of the diff locks might be warranted in competitive situations ... :)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)