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FS: 200t in MA.

Well folks, I think I will be selling our 200t soon. It is a nice car but
my wife (who I bought it for) doesn't have her license yet (she is Japanese
and never needed to drive in her life 'til we moved here in March...)
doesn't want to drive it, says it is too big. If you ever go to Kamakura ,
Japan, I think you will understand why she feels this way.

Anyway, we need some thing smaller and simpler. I am thinking of Golf and
or Jettas or even an Audi 80. They have to be slushboxes though....

The Audi has 126k on it. Red w/ Gray leather in and out, VERY niceand
clean. Mechanically no problems. Electrically no problems (really!)
cosmetically no problems. I replaced the wastegate diaphragm (thanks

I have had / am having the front control arms and tie rods replaced. The
driver's outside door lock just croaked but the car is going to Brian's
garage today or tomorrow.

It has brand new RE71's on it too.....

I will accept any reasonable offer for this car, including partial or even
complete trades for the above mentioned cars (depending on condition of
course). I am obviously not looking to make money on this car, just please
my wife.


Matthew Twigg

FDP Corp. Natick MA.