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solution to noises - no Audi content

>>P.S. I have become oversensitive to every sound my 200q makes. For instance,
>>at 70mph with the radio...
>I have solved _every_ sound my my 5kCSTQ makes.  I turn up the radio
>a tad louder ;)
>Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 265K Miles and nary a rattle 

Long time ago, a friend of mine bought an XK-150 coupe. On the (40 mile)
drive home, we noticed a metallic tapping from the engine that seemed to be
getting progressively louder.

His solution was to turn up the radio.

Unfortunately, the radio couldn't be turned up high enough to mask the
sound of a con-rod exiting the block.

He was then able to turn the radio off - the car didn't make ANY sounds at
all for about six months, when it finally had a 283 Chebby transplanted
into it, and not well, either.

Unsatisfactory solutions to both problems.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman