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Another one joins the flock!

We gotta new Audi owner on the list (or will, as soon as he subscribes)!

As you may recall, a few days ago I related the strange tale of the 1986 ->
1983 4000 with a zillion miles on it owned by the headset wearing (nomex
ON) hotshot car dealer in Orlando and no records at all, including even the
title . . .

Well, yesterday, I was reading the local shopper rag, and here's an ad for
a Mark 10 Jaguar, need restoration, blah, blah, blah, and also (as very
much an afterthought) 1986 Audi, needs transmission.

Called: "Yeah, '86 4000, has a leak in a servo, $80 estimate to fix. Wanna
get $500."

Went and looked: 86 4000 sedan, 2wd, automatic, bad (leaky) o-ring on servo
on right side of transmission, estimate from audi-conscious local mechanic
for $80 to fix, has two good tires, needs two more, 3 of four door handles
bad, driver's window motor inop, about 100,000 miles, body in very nice
shape, red paint, very good condition, grey velour interior, very, very
good, AC works (!), OEM mags, original radio (Rothenberg), manuals, service
history, new Haynes manual, a few spare parts, name of original owner
(local car!), even a title! Started so-so, ran well, felt good.

Bought it for $500. Figure a weekend or two and maybe $300 to put this one
into *A-1* shape. Told the guy I helped buy it that if he didn't buy it
TODAY - NOW, I would - on the spot.

These deals are out there - you just have to keep your eyes open. This will
be a NICE car very quickly and inexpensively - he got a real deal.

We let the seller keep his Jaguar.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman