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Re: 88 MB Urq questions

   I dont know if this has any bearing on the current thread, Not often getting
   the chance to give my 82 urq it's head, I was on a really good Country Lane
   (B road) the other day where I could open up fully without too much fuss.

   I got the Impression that the car would not pull more than 5,000rpm in 5th
   gear. Which was about 105 mph.

   I suppose the question is ?, Was it me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or was it the
   Car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is specifically from the perspective of a U.S.-spec '83 UrQ, so I
don't know how much this directly translates to youse guys, but...

The stock UrQ (U.S.) cam pretty much gives up the ghost around 5000RPM.
Couple that with the stock turbo being a complete dog until around 3000RPM,
and you have a surprisingly-narrow useful powerband from the engine (it's
a lot of fun in between, though).

I should think the Euro-spec UrQ would pull well past 105MPH. Sounds like
maybe fuel or air starvation (do you have cat converter, or was that just
a U.S. thing?). A clogged/dirty air filter, or fuel filter could have the
same affect, as could a weak fuel pump (happened to me!).

Just a few thoughts; good luck!