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Let's play: Double Jeopardy (was: memories)

  /\        _I        Christian J. Long (& Breeze Heller - fiancee)
/    \ I_I I_I I      Orlando, Florida, USA
                       University of Central Florida Alumni 1994
'98 Audi A4 1.8T            Low pressure V2 rocket
'96 BMW 318ti              Will be replacing with a CGT or 4KQ
'90 Audi 90                   Now in the hands of the mother in law

Gosh, here's Christian selling a used Audi to his new mother-in-law, and
_I_ was worried about our _pizza-delivery_ guy?!!


Phil Rose				Rochester, NY
'89 100 (For Sale, 111K, automatic)
'91 200q				mailto:pjrose@servtech.com