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Re: Vacuum line - Known suppliers ?

The number I have is for the one located in the Merrifield area of Fairfax,
VA.  It's 703-560-8500.  I know they also have locations if Alexandria, VA
and Chantilly, VA, and maybe others.  When I went to buy my lines the parts
guy let me walk back in the warehouse and cut my own.

- Marc
'85 urq
'93 S4

Whitson <whitson2@gte.net> on 09/17/98 01:50:49 AM

To:   Marc Nguyen/AMS/AMSINC
Subject:  Re: Vacuum line - Known suppliers ?

I do want that number, thanks.

> Let me know if you want a number and I'll dig it up.

'86 4KCSQ