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Re: 5KCSTQ Exhaust


   On your exhaust, it sounds like one of your exhaust hangers broke.  They
are these rubber donught shaped things and they are attached to a metal circlip
and if that comes loose, your exhaust can come loose....hence the lound noise.

   This does not necessaraly mean your exhaust is shot.  I was watching some
in-car footage a friend of mine took at Watkins Glen this year (he has a 5KTQ
as well) and one of his exhaust hangers broke when he was on the track and it
got considerably louder (You could hear it inside the car clearly!).  I thought
it sounded cool, especially on the downshift, but then again, I have never been
a huge fan of stock exhaust!  :)

   If you need exhaust hangers, a regular muffler shop isn't going to have them
so you'll need to pick them up at the dealer.  Then a Midas/Minakee place could
easily and cheaply fix your exhaust....if that is the problem.

   Hopefully that is all it is, and judging from your description, that's
what the problem sounds like.  Good luck.  BTW, for better exhaust sound, have
them remove one of the chambers before the rear muffler (there are two there
with a bend in the pipe)....remove one of them and have them weld in a
straight piece.  I think it sounds much better!  Good luck!