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re: Strut Boots

Gary asks:
Anyone heard of a way to replace a front strut boot (ya know the 
accordian plastic thing) without having to remove and disassemble the 
whole darn assembly?
'91 200tq

I believe this can be done on the type 44 cars, including the 91 200tq .

This is the car where you can change front struts in 5 minutes. ( Actually
takes me a little longer.)  

To replace the boots you would remove the strut top nut and strut bearing.
At this point there is a hole big enough to withdraw the strut cartridge,
so just pull the boot up thru it and squeeze the new on in place.  

Remember the strut bearing maintains the alignment so carefully mark it's
location before loosening the nuts and try to get it back in the exact same
spot on re-assembly.

You will likely end up doing a bit of struggling/ wrestling with things and
don't be surprised if this ends up taking an hour of grunting and cursing
per side 

Dave Conner
Columbus, OH 

87 5KS
89 100E
86 4KCSQ
91 200Q Avant (For Sale)