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Re: memories (Christian finally speaks up) (long)

Michael Veglia decided to speak these words:

>All this makes me very wary of ever buying or selling another car to or from
>another lister and I don't like that feeling. That said, all my dealings with
>others on the list have always been very favorable and I can only hope their
>impression of the way I handled my end of these deals is the same. I will
>continue to have transactions with other list members for parts and what have
>you, and maybe even a car someday again. But, from now on I must be a bit 
>wary in knowing whom I am dealing with and what fall out there could be if
>things go south.

Yeah, the car that you, Mike, sold me was in excellent condition.  I 
noticed a few things after i bought it, but not once did i blame Mike for 
it.  The fact is that since last September, i have driven the car for 
well over 24,000 miles, including the time that it was sitting in my 
driveway cause of the accident, which would have been february through 
june.  So i have put alot of miles on this thing.  Yah, i have put alot 
of money into it, but about 80% of what i have spent on it (other than 
gas and oil of course), has been optional...ie the mods that you see 
listed below.  I wouldnt and dont hesitate to do business with peoploe on 
the q-list, because what I personally have experienced so far has been 
nothing but good.

Although, Mike, your car does have a problem, in february, it had a mind 
of its own and drove itself into a center divider on highway 280.  I 
think i need some retribution. (this is a joke for those who lack a sense 
of humor and sarcasm...hehe)


Michael Sheridan Williams
ICQ# 11740998

1985 4000 S Quattro 185,000+ miles, Koni Yellows/Coilover (2B), strut 
brace, Sport 8000 Tires, K&N, MOMO 4pt harnesses, Hella XL Driving lights 
(excuse me, auxilliary low beams) (2x135w), magnecor wires....<out of 
1986 Oceanic Blue, 4000CS Quattro--Parting Out(ask if you want anything)
My father's: 1986 4000 CS Quattro--Graphite 161,000 miles