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Just got back ...

... and I can see lots of stuff addressed to me.  Twelve-hour sleep
break required.

Trip report:  I was in Stockholm talking to about 65 people from major
Swedish companies.  One guy was from Volvo.  I was making smalltalk
over coffee, and mentioned the five-cylinder engine they're using.

You know the one?  The "Volvo-developed 5-cylinder"?

He said: "Oh - the Audi engine?  Yes - finally we have a Volvo we're
not ashamed to drive ourselves."

Not a word of a lie - unprompted.

On the way back, a passenger in row 2 decided to have a heart attack to
relieve the boredom.  The pilot declared a medical emergency and
Heathrow allowed him to choose his own approach.  Flat and _NO_ flaps in
a 767 - fastest landing I've ever experienced, brilliantly done.  A 767
isn't a sports car, but a good pilot can get one to an ambulance _damn_
quick.  If it happens to me, I hope I get that pilot.  Well done British

 Phil Payne
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