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international availability of VW/Audi engine..


I was just wondering if VW/Audi still sell the 5-cylinder
engine elsewhere in the world other than South Africa.
Here the engine is still supplied in the VW Microbus or
Caravelle. It has been provided in 2.6L form for a number
of years now. It is still I5 10V motors and I think the
inlet manifold and alot of the stuff is still as on the
2.2L version, the thing has probably just been bored out
to 2.6L and given possibly some stronger parts (eg. crank).
Just trying to determine if the thing is only bored out
with the inlets and outlet bits still remaining the same.
This engine first started out as a 2.1 on the Kombi or
Microbus, then it was a 2.2, 2.3, 2.5 and for the past
few years it has been available as a 2.6.

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