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Exhaust -5kcstq --> Urgent!

I need recommendations:

The rear metal hangers are corroded through on my exhaust.  As you all
know, this means a new muffler, because the hangers are attached.  The
muffler is FINE, it's the hanger that's worn out!  Dealer wants approx.
$300 for the rear exhaust -- BLAU doesn't carry anything for the Turbo Q

TAP has the 'Scorpion' cat-back system for $795 -- and there are Leistritz
and Ansa.

My first Q is : Can I rig up my perfectly good rear muffler somehow so that
I don't have to drop $500 bucks just to have the hanger replaced?  I just
want to make it through winter without any bullshit -- then I'll figure it
out.  Has anyone done this?

Secondly: Any comments on the performance mufflers? Scorpion -- is it worth
it? any hp gain?  I'm only considering this if there is no way to rig the
perfectly good muffler up.  What about Leistritz or Ansa -- are they worth


87 5kcstq
85 4kcsq
82 VW cabriolet