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Re: Ur-Q brake servo

In message <000001bde1d3$032753e0$a1916420@fremont-peak> bbell@surview.com writes:

> Part No. I have is 857 612 107 A  Is this the current number?  What is the
> story on these, are they available through an after market supplier? are
> they unique to the Urq?

The first two digits of that particular part number tell you the part
was originally produced specifically for the ur-quattro - "85" for
"Type 85 chassis".  It might be that some other vehicle has used it in
the meantime, but that's unlikely.

The only aftermarket supplier I'm aware of is Pete Reeve at Quattro
Corner.  He has identified the original manufacturer and buys them
direct.  They still ain't cheap.

 Phil Payne
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