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re: Pin Drop

In a message dated 9/18/98 Lee Levitt <wheelman@shore.net> writes:

<< I'm with Osman on this one. When I hear my kids flicking the window switch
in the back, it's all I can do to bite my lip and keep my mouth shut...I
know that each of those switches has X number of cycles in them, and while
X is a relatively small number, I don't know what it is...nor do I want to
find out...and each tap represents a significant portion of X! >>

I'm not so sure I would worry too much about the switch being "worn out" per
say. IMO most switch failures are due to oxidation of contacts which is
typically a result on lack of use. Admittetly they will eventualy mechanically
fail. Keep in mind it is the initial oxidation contact resistance that
snowballs into the carbon on the contacts and ultimate failure. Remember that
all the mechanical things on your car as it ages need to be exercised or they
will sieze up...look at it as them doing you a favor helping perfom
maitenance. I use any excuse to try and keep the kids, 3 of 'em, from driving
me nuts while I drive--like Jacky Stewart says, no room for emotion while
driving ;-)...just don't try and tell Alex Zanardi or Michael Schumacher that.
FWIW, I do keep the rear windows turned off with the kids in the back.

That said, noises drive me nuts too. I recall when my first 87 4kcsq was new
and the speedo cable started ticking. I had the dealer replace it and my ex
and I were driving along after it was changed and thought we heard it again. I
took us several miles to realize I heard my watch ticking (!). My MBZ owning
cousin said "turn the radio up" (seems a popular piece of advice).

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq