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Re: More MB

   We have three cars - John's MB (the patient), mine, and Roger's.

   a) All of the pressures test OK on all the cars at idle and when
      running the diagnostics from the ECU (I find that gives a much
      more readable system pressure).

   b) My air mass sensor assembly (also carries the control pressure
      regulator and frequency valve) produces exactly the same symptoms
      in John's car.  All three control pressure regulators produce
      good results in my car and bad results in John's.

   c) As I pointed out some time ago, the potentiometer in the air mass
      sensor is _MUCH_ more accurate than it needs to be for the job it
      does - less than 1% delta between the cars, measured using a 1348/1
      to hold the paddle.  Using this potentiometer, we can see that any
      of the air mass sensors, when fitted to John's car, tops out at
      4500.  On my car, there's still free movement at 6300.

   d) All of the hoses have been bench-tested.

Have you tried swapping ECUs? Sounds like you've eliminated most of
the other possibilities...