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The list and buying /selling on it.

Now that everyone's had a little time to relax after last weekends ruckus,
I thought I'd drop in my $.02.  Nothing here is about anyone or any thing
in particular.  Just a couple generalities about life.

Having bought a pair of PIAA lights recently from a lister, I can speak
with experience.  We both did exactly what we were supposed to do.

The seller described the lights as what they are  -- used lights, warts and
all -- and asked a fair (I think) price for them.
I bought them with the understanding that they are used lights - there
could be a burnt out bulb, or a bad fuse, or scratches in the housings.  If
I wanted perfect, I'd have to pay for new ones.

I showed up with cash in hand, he had the lights (and the very cool wiring
harness), we traded, ate french toast at the truck stop, and BS'd about cars.

A thoroughly pleasant experience.  

Then he helped me work on _my_ car.  Wow.  This list thing can be pretty
cool, huh?

If, a month from now, the lights fail, he won't hear about it.  

I bought _used_ lights.  If I bought new ones, I'd have every right to go
back to the vendor or manufacturer and complain, and, if the situation
wasn't resolved satisfactorily, bitch about it publicly on this forum as a
warning to others.

This is a life lesson - try to avoid liars, cheats, and un-reasonable
people.  You'll never be happy with your dealings with them.  

As a buyer, the onus is largely yours to go through the process of due
diligence WRT the product and the seller.  If you get burned, learn from it
and move on.

As a seller - you have the option of _not_ selling to someone who you think
will be a PITA, or at the very least raising the price enough to make it
worth the grief.  Remember that there are some people you can never make
happy and choose to either avoid them or deal with it.

Keep it fun or don't do it.  

If you feel like you got f**ked, it's only because you bent over.

Bob Davis

"Apertam in mentem inrepit sapientia".