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'84 5kS automatic with upshift indicator?

Did the '84 5kS with automatic trans. have the upshift indicator
in the instrument pod, or something else to fill that space?
Mine does, and while I've got the pod in pieces
to fix the mile counter and the warning light mask*),
I'm covering it up with black paper as the (of course non-functional)
yellow arrow keeps gettig my attention - it's actually quite
unusually bright while off for a dashboard light.
Anyway, I'm wonderign whether this is a replacement instrument pod,
or, in the alternative, a silly design.

*) that piece of clear platic with the warnign light symbols/colors
printed on it... it was about 4mm off to one side, which made
for very ugly lights. Now I see that it's held in place with
a pin/hole combintion at each end - on one side, the pin
barely touched the outer edge of the mask, on the other,
the pin punched a new hole in the mask. Since it sticks to
those pins fairly well, someone apparently put in an _effort_ to 
screw it up!