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Re: 88 MB Urq questions

Had another go tonight, Still ran out of road before I would have liked but
5.000rpm looked more like 115 - 120mph.

Does this make more sense.

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Date: 18 September 1998 16:46
Subject: Re: 88 MB Urq questions

>In message <013501bde1d2$52faecc0$e72e63c3@N.A.Raby> "Nigel Raby" writes:
>> I dont know if this has any bearing on the current thread, Not often
>> the chance to give my 82 urq it's head, I was on a really good Country
>> (B road) the other day where I could open up fully without too much fuss.
>> I got the Impression that the car would not pull more than 5,000rpm in
>> gear. Which was about 105 mph.
>> I suppose the question is ?, Was it me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or was it the
>> Car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>Nominal bhp and maximum speed are the same for all of the 10-valve
>UK ur-quattros.  The 20V goes a bit quicker.
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