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Some (original) S4 questions...

Okay. I have a 1992 S4 and, truth be told, I'm not crazy about the wheels and
I'd like to upgrade the brakes and while I was at it, increase the roll
stiffness some. Questions:

1- I have heard (or maybe it was just a nebulous vision I had in a dream) that
Porsche 993 and/or C2 wheels will fit just fine. True or false?
2- What would be the most cost effective--and ideally "Audi approved"--way to
improve my brakes?
3- Which swaybars ought I install on the car and from where should I purchase

And, while I have you guys looking at these questions...

I was considering "chipping" the car with the Hoppen Stage 2+ set-up.
Comments? (i.e. is the TAP set-up better? Is this all a giant waste of time &
money?) Also, would a new exhaust be worth it for "enthusiastic" street-


-Joe in SoFla
1992 S4