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A4 to replace the fallen CQ.....

I just heard you were looking at an A4 to replace the fallen CQ.  Again, real
sorry to hear about the CQ, I imagine your loss is worst than most due to the
time and energy you have put into that car.

But, I also heard that you were looking at a used 2.8.  I would recommend you
go after the 1.8t over the 2.8.  There are lots of 1.8ts for sale, and they
are much better due to the WIDE range of mods available for that turbo.  I
love my 1.8t, and am getting a Neuspeed chip installed next week (MONDAY!!!!).
Go for a 1.8t, you will save money and get a lot of power for little money
when it comes time to chip.

  /\        _I        Christian J. Long (& Breeze Heller - fiancee)
/    \ I_I I_I I      Orlando, Florida, USA
                       University of Central Florida Alumni 1994
'98 Audi A4 1.8tm     Low pressure V2 rocket; K&N Neuspeed .8 bar
'96 BMW 318ti         Will be replacing with a CGT or 4KQ
'90 Audi 90              Now in the hands of the mother in law
Past Audis: '84 CGT, '85CGT, '87.5 CGT, '90 CQ