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Re: 88 90 Ignition switch


HAREST@Allenbrook.iix.com wrote:
> Dennis,
>   If I'm understanding correctly, you have one broken tumbler out of
> six, yes?  If you have any other lock cylinders around, you can remove
> their tumblers and find a replacement for your broken one.  This of

Not quite the case.  It's the casing that holds the tumblers that is
broken- this casing has a tab that sticks out the back end and turns the
electrical switchgear.  My tab is broken.

> course assume s that your lock unit will still successfully reassemble
> if it had another intact tumbler in it.  This would allow you to keep
> your same key for the whole car, rather than have two different keys.

Well, taking this a bit further, it would mean that I *could* play with
exchanging all tumblers with an ignition mechanical set that I don't
have the key for, but, as you wisely advise:

> get on with your life.  

>You're next Audi God's strike can't be to far off ;-)

Far off?!  I own two of the things...  My current list includes:
	control arm bushings on the q.
	door-locks on both
	sunroof micro-switches
	front inner cv on the q
	high-beam switch
	leaking radiator 
	two ac-compressor fixes
	two steering racks

But, we love'em.

Next car IS a adzam VPM to cart the kids.  It's hard jamming two car
seats and an adult in the back of a 90 :)