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Please help! Dealer can't fix my starting problem! '85 4000SQ

I've got a strange starting problem that the dealer can't fix.

It started around the same time that I got a small fuel leak out of
the bottom of the air filter housing.  They replaced the unit on top
of the housing, where they said the fuel was leaking from (I think
it's called the fuel distributor).  Fuel still leaked a little, so
they said they tuned it up and it stopped leaking.

However, I have a terrible starting problem which started around the
same time.  Here's the symptoms:  The car will start only
occasionally. Most of the time it just cranks and cranks.  I'm getting
a spark at the plugs. It fails to start when hot, cold, when it's JUST
been turned off, and when it's been sitting overnight.  The temps have
been cool to hot, and that doesn't seem to affect it either.  Also
occasionally the ignition key gets quite hot, and I get a small pop
now and then that's either the suspension or a slight backfire.  (I
know I have a front suspension popping noise, but this seems to happen
driving at constant speeds without turning or bumps.)  I have had
frayed wires going into
the driver's door (power mirrors) and trunk (tail lights).  I wrapped
them in electrical tape as a temporary solution - it's possible they
are shorting again.

Things I've replaced recently with no effect: oxygen sensor, plugs,
wires, rotor, dist. cap, ignition coil.

Recently it is also stalling on me and won't restart.  I'll be driving
at 40MPH, and the RPMs suddenly drop to zero.  Now when I try to
restart it, I have a new buzzing noise from the fuel pump and it won't
at all.  So I had it towed back to the dealer.

The dealer has had it a week.  First they replaced the hull sender
in the distributor (the power dist.), which did NOTHING.  They
put the old one back in, and replaced some damaged wires under
the dash (I did have a ground wire fly once and had to replace it -
maybe it damaged some other wires).  They SAID that it started
fine after that, but when I went to get it - same old problem.

So what should they be checking for now?  They seem to have no
idea what the problem is, and keep talking about the new A4.
(Though I think they honestly can't find my problem.)  I love
my 4000 and am sick about this!  Please help me :-o...


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