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RE: Looking at A4's + have questions

Joe Wechter said:
Anyways I know the new ones start at around 28 or so.  I don't know if I
should buy the 4 cyl turbo and upgrade it or just buy the 6.  I hear the new 6
has 190 HP.  I want a 5 speed, definitely.  I want to buy a used one probably
a 97.  I was just wondering if anyone can help me out and tell me some things
I should know first, and what I can expect to be paying for a 97 in decent
shape with decent mileage.
Joe Wechter

I would recommend the 1.8t, it is a great engine, and throw in a chip and it
can be A LOT of fun!  With a manual tranny and a chip, it will give your SHOs
a run for the money...probably beat them.  The V6 is a nice engine, but it is
more expensive, and I am a fan of turbos.

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